50/50 Day Postponed

With everything going on, we have made the decision to postpone 50/50 Day, a global day dedicated to helping the world get to a more gender equitable place — for all genders, all races, all ages. While gender is certainly related to everything we are experiencing —  it’s related to everything — it just doesn’t seem like the conversation to be focusing on right now.

There are, however, two fantastic ways to engage on a global scale. You can do solo or as a group (digital or in your home):

1. We would love for you to be part of our new global film about what we are experiencing with the Coronavirus. Watch our 4 minute film A Declaration of Interdependence for context, and then turn on a video camera and be part of the project!

2. You can watch the film 50/50 (20 mins, above) at any time, and use the online discussion materials to have a vibrant conversation about gender, politics, equity, or many other topics with any number of people, all ages.

Discussion Materials

We offer hands-on discussion kits for all events. You can also use our online discussion materials for all ages. Materials are also translated in Spanish.

50/50 Day Past Highlights

What a fantastic experience the second annual 50/50 Day was! Here were some of the highlights: 36,334 live events in companies, schools, museums, and homes in 62 countries all screening films, engaging in discussion about #GettingTo5050, and making action pledgesPeople tapping in online from nearly all 195 countries in the world; Press highlights including CNN, Forbes, NBC, NPR, and CNET; and 700,000 views of our live stream programming, live from our studio in San Francisco.

We brought 20 speakers into the live stream including Jada Pinkett Smith, Kimberle Crenshaw, Matt McGorry, and many moreWe also tapped into 30+ events around the globe from Nigeria to India to the Empire State Building to Refinery29’s Comedy 50/50 Day events to The Wilson Center in DC to the ERA Coalition’s nation-wide campus 50/50 Day event featuring speakers like Patricia Arquette and Carol Jenkins. All this with one theme: #GettingTo5050, a gender-balanced world that’s better for everyone. All genders. All races. All ages. All issues.

Snapshot of Events

Make Action Pledges

Head on over to WhyIPledge5050.org to commit to an action that will help move the needle in #Gettingto5050. The site offers 50 specific things you can do, whether you’re a CEO, a parent, a student, an educator, anyone. It also offers resources to help you realize your pledge(s).

Watch Past Speakers and Live Events

We live streamed an amazing lineup of speakers, events, and conversations around the globe. Watch all speakers and events. And read bios of all the speakers here.

Watch Films

Our brand new 4 minute film Why I Pledge 50/50; our centerpiece 20 min film that started it all, 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power; and curated films from our partners.


Use the Gender Equity Toolkit

Co-Founder of 50/50 Day Julie Hermelin and the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti partnered to create this fantastic toolkit that offers a step by step guide to bringing greater equity to your city government or organization. This toolkit was unveiled as part of 50/50 Day 2018, and is a resource provided as part of the WhyIPledge5050.org Action Pledge Tool. Check out the toolkit here.


50/50 Day Team

50/50 Day Founders:            Tiffany Shlain, Sawyer Steele, Julie Hermelin
Partnership and Engagement: Makenzie Darling
Technical Co-Producer:           Jon Luini, Chime Interactive
Video Production Partners:      Mike Krenztman, Red Summit Productions, and Tim K. and Jeff McGinniss, ArgusHD
Social Media Strategy:           BrainTrust: Kristi Bergeron, Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Nicole Grossberg, Danielle Garcia
Press Relations:                        PKPR: Patrick Kowalczyk and Jenny Chang
Streaming Engineer:                Shinya Suzuki
Streaming Host :                      Patrick Spohrer
Production Assistants:              Daniela Sirkin, Tamara Williamson
Interns:                                    Tyler Dolph and Stacy Andryshak

Highlights from 2017

Check out highlights from last year, including a Times Square billboard, ABC News, NPR, Variety, Bloomberg, and Time Magazine on our highlights and press page. You can also watch the complete lineup of speakers from 2017 here.

Past Partners and Sponsors

50/50 Day and the greater #GettingTo5050 Movement is supported by a wide range of corporations, foundations, and individuals. Major 50/50 Day partners range from Refinery29 to British Airways (who showed 50/50 on all of their flights in May) to United State of Women, ERA Coalition, Global Fund for Women, and over 80 organizations dedicated to #GettingTo5050.