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The Science of Character

The Science of Character (8 mins) explores the neuroscience and social science that shows we can develop -- in ourselves and in others -- strengths like grit, gratitude, creativity, optimism, bravery, and self-control.

Discussion Guides

All Character Day participants received hands-on Discussion Kits. We no longer have them in stock, but you can download them for free below!


Download discussion questions by age.


The poster is print ready and can be printed at home or at your local printer.

Character Day

The Science of Character was the centerpiece of our annual Global Character Day, which has engaged millions in this conversation, with over 200,000 events in 138 countries its last year.

Middle School "Bravery Flashmob"

Sarasota Military Academy 

Get a Customized Film

When we launched The Science of Character, we offered free customized versions of the film to nonprofits around the globe. We'd put their logo and their message at the end, and it would look like it was their film, that they could use in so many different ways (fundraising, kicking off an event, social). We made thousands of these free films for amazing organizations. We no longer have the grant to do these for free, but we do still make them -- for companies, organizations, and schools. Email Sawyer.

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