“I gave Shlain’s idea a try -- and I highly recommend it.”      - The New York Times

One of the top 10 time-management books.”

                              -Entrepreneur Magazine

“Unplugging for 24 hours felt like a small revolution...I can’t wait to see what a decade of it feels like.”   - Harvard Business Review

Tiffany Shlain's Tech Shabbat 

Digital Wellness + Leadership

4-Week Experience


Internet pioneer and Founder of The Webby Awards Tiffany Shlain discovered a transformative practice 11 years ago: she and her family started turning off all screens -- phones, laptops, tablets -- for one full day every week. They did it once; they loved it; and they never stopped. They call it their Technology Shabbat, and it has completely changed their lives.


Fresh off the heels of her bestselling book, 24/6, Tiffany and her team at Let it Ripple Studio -- renowned not only for their films, but also their one-of-a-kind, highly-engaging virtual experiences -- are now offering a dynamic and powerful program to bring this practice -- and all the individual and collective benefits that come from it -- to the REALITY community...and their families, and their communities, and so on. Let the ripple begin. 


1. Protection against burnout

2. Time management

3. Connection

4. Leadership skills

5. Mental wellbeing

6. Big picture thinking

7. Productivity

8. Creativity

9. Curiosity

10. Joy


The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone.

Burnout, loneliness, and mental health issues are at an all time high.

And they’re not going to go away quickly with the vaccines.


We are entering a new era -- for ourselves, and for our world. Our dependence on technology is only going to continue to accelerate as we venture into this new normal. People are looking for strategies to stay inspired and recharged both in the immediate, and for the long haul. The 24/6 Digital Wellness + Leadership Program does both, through introducing and embracing behaviors, rituals, and a mindset that will stay with us for life, and that will ripple out to families and communities in all directions.


We would be honored to invite the REALITY leaders of the world into this experience.


This experience was piloted in September 2020 with a group of PJ Library families. 


From that experience, 80% of participants introduced a Tech Shabbat practice into their lives, and 100% wanted more ways to stay connected to the community and to Tiffany. We have now built that into the experience. 


Now imagine the power of bringing this experience to the REALITY community, and how this transformative way of life could not only ripple through their own minds, bodies, and souls; but that of their families, friends, and communities, too. 


“It was amazing! I loved the cadence of conversation -- so natural, so balanced in information and time. I loved how interactive the audience was -- it was the most engaged audience I have witnessed in a Zoom!” - Lauren Schiller, NPR's Inflection Point



24/6 Interactive Talk Experience

+ Complete Tech Shabbat Toolkit


Zoom Challah Bake to Kick off First Tech Shabbat


Tiffany kicks off the whole experience to the full REALITY community with a riveting 1 hour Zoom -- full of audience engagement -- that explores the neuroscience, philosophy, history, benefits, and how-to of the Tech Shabbat 24/6 lifestyle. Everyone leaves with a complete Tech Shabbat Toolkit (how to guide, activity suggestions, poster for fridge of things that bring you joy) to begin planning their first Tech Shabbat experience.

The smaller REALITY cohort continues by kicking off their first Tech Shabbat with a "Zoom Challah Bake" where Tiffany leads an engaging conversation about ritual, unplugging, and leadership, all while baking challah together. Everyone leaves with a super fun email of highlights and links from the conversation, more tips and inspiration for tech shabbat, and instructions on finishing the challah. 



Sustainability, accountability, ritual 



Testimonials, troubleshooting, coaching 


After the first Tech Shabbat weekend, Tiffany brings the cohort back together in interactive conversation to share experiences, troubleshoot, and continue to dive deeper through science, history, and personal experiences.

Through our fall of 2020 pilot program, 80% of participants introduced a Tech Shabbat practice into their lives. 100% wanted to continue with more resources, and more engagement. The program now includes ongoing resources -- films, articles, and inspiring messages -- to keep the 24/6 lifestyle going.

1. Choose dates.


2. Receive signed books for cohort

+ itinerary for 4 week experience.

3. Let transformative journey begin.




1. Protection against burnout

2. Time management

3. Connection

4. Leadership skills

4. Mental wellbeing

5. Big picture thinking

6. Productivity

7. Creativity

8. Curiosity

9. Joy

10. Jewish ritual

4-Week Program for REALITY



Tiffany Shlain tiffany@letitripple.org

Sawyer Steele sawyer@letitripple.org