50/50 Day: Gender Equality Events Take Place in San Francisco

“We’re at this really big moment where there’s a lot of conversation about gender and power and a lot of people wanting things to change.”

11 Famous Women On The Importance Of Gender Parity

April 26 marks the second annual 50/50 Day, a global day centered around the goal of achieving a gender-balanced world across all races, ages, issues, and industries.

Recalling 1992’s ‘Year of the Woman,’ Lynn Yeakel assesses gender equality in 2018

WHYY’s Morning Edition Host Jennifer Lynn spoke with her this week in anticipation of Thursday’s 50/50 Day, a global day of action and conversations around gender equality in leadership.

The science of Sabbath: How people are rediscovering rest—and claiming its benefits

Tech Shabbat is a modern twist on an ancient religious practice, attracting the attention of burned-out millennials exhausted trying to keep up in an increasingly connected world.

Addiction to the internet has put humans in a ‘Frankenstein moment.’

“We have to really do some serious thinking and discussing and get more reflection back into our society. It’s almost like we’ve created this primal urge network.”