Why I Pledge 5050

WHY I PLEDGE 5050 is a 4 minute film that looks at, what would it look like to have a more gender-balanced world across all parts of society — economy, politics, identity, culture, and home? And what can we each do to get there? The film opens the door to our brand new 50/50 Action Pledge website WhyIPledge5050.org, which offers 50 specific things you can do to help in #GettingTo5050, whether you’re a CEO, a parent, a student, an educator: all genders, all races, all ages.

Make Your Action Pledge  

Stream the film above or download LoRes or ProRes. Click on the CC icon for subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

WHY I PLEDGE 5050 premiered globally as part of 50/50 Day 2018 (April 26), with roughly 35,000 events around the globe. Find out more about 50/50 Day here.


Directed by: Tiffany Shlain
Written, Produced, and Edited by: Tiffany Shlain and Sawyer Steele
Animator and Designer: Una Lorenzen
Story Editor: Karen Everett
Senior Researcher: Jennifer Traig
Sound Design and Mix: Dave Nelson, Outpost Studios, SF
Sound Design and Dialogue: Miik Dinko