Gender Equality in @SixWords

We teamed up with Six-Word Memoirs and the artists at Intentional Creativity Guild and Big Picture for this public art & social media project. We asked people online to tell us their thoughts on a more gender balanced world in six words. We then asked them to post a photo on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag @SixWords on #GettingTo5050.

You can go into the #GettingTo5050 stream and see some great ones people have been posting. Here are the top six as chosen by Six-Word Memoirs:


6. “Wearing a kilt changed my perspective.” —BanjoDan

5. “Glass ceilings become windows with views.” —J3nny

4. “Women supporting women. Power is endless.” —@hikealot2014

3. “Some don’t fit gender binary boxes.” —Rebecca_Stadolnik

2. “Give your son female role models.” —@GreenEyedLilo

And the Six Words that show the power in reframing gender equality: 

1. “Zero controversy around the word Feminism.” —Zayne616






We highlighted more of our favorites on social media, and artists in created an art installation on an outdoor wall in downtown Oakland, CA. 



The interactive public billboard was a collaboration between the 50/50 Day team and Larry Smith of Six-Word Memoirs, with project curation by Andrew Johnstone of Big Picture Arts and Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan Lewis of the Intentional Creativity Guild, and the Oakland School of the Arts. The art was designed by students who know firsthand how this topic is playing out in their lives.

Our partners for the Global Gender Equality Art Mural are:

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