50/50 DAY FAQ

Q: Is there a sign up form for 50/50 Day?
A: YES! You can sign up here!

Q: Is there a fee associated with 50/50 Day?
A: All 50/50 Day films and discussion materials are free to use on 50/50 Day.

Q: My organization blocks Google Docs and I can’t access the signup form. Can I sign up a different way?
A: Yes! Send an email to makenzie@letitripple.org with:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Name of org/company/school/group
  • Type of Org/Group
  • Number of people who you anticipate will attend your event:
  • What inspired you to sign up to host a 50/50 Day event?
  • If your event will be open to the public, do you allow us to list your event details in May? We’ll email you in April to ask for specific event details.

Planning your

50/50 Day event:

Q: What does a 50/50 Day event look like?
A: A 50/50 Day event consists of three parts: 1) A short film screening, 2) a discussion using provided materials about how to get to a more gender-balanced world, and 3) the opportunity to join a global LiveCast Q&A featuring different speakers every half hour for 24 hours. Your discussions can be company-wide, campus-wide, or in smaller groups or pairs. It’s up to you to personalize your event and make it fun and meaningful!

Q: What is the theme of 50/50 Day?
A: The theme of 50/50 Day, broadly speaking, is to come together and discuss what is it going to take to get to a 50/50 gender balanced world where everyone benefits. . If you’d like to focus on a specific aspect of gender equality during your event, feel free to do that!

Q: Do I have to host my 50/50 Day event at a certain time?
A: 50/50 Day events will occur all throughout the day on May 10th, in all different timezones around the globe.

Q: I have a scheduling conflict on May 10. May I host my 50/50 Day event on another day?
A: You may host your 50/50 Day event at any time on May 10, or alternatively on another day that is as close to May 10 as possible. We recommend that you hold your event on May 10 to contribute to worldwide momentum surrounding gender equality on that day.

Q: How do I set up a 50/50 Day event? Do you have any tips?
A: First, check the confirmation email that was sent to your email address after you signed up. The same basic instructions can also be found on the Signup page.

Q: I want to bring 50/50 Day to my friends, family and community, but I’m not part of an organization. Can I still participate?
A: Absolutely! A 50/50 Day event can be held at your home for your family and friends, or at a public venue if you have access to one. If you’d like to bring this to your community at large but you’re unsure how, try contacting your neighborhood association, local library, or community center. Tell them you’re excited about 50/50 Day and you’d like to see if an event can be hosted in collaboration with them.

Q: How do I increase attendance at my 50/50 Day event?
A: Promote your 50/50 Day event in a variety of ways, such as using social media (tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, NextDoor posts, etc), sending an email newsletter (we’ll be creating a template for you to forward to your contacts), using printed materials (a local newspaper announcement, a community newsletter article, a school newspaper article, flyers, etc), or by word-of-mouth (an announcement at school or during a staff meeting, calling and inviting people personally, etc).

Activities for 50/50 Day:

Q: I’d like to fit 50/50 Day into a one hour program at my company or into a class period. Do you have a sample schedule?
A: Here is a sample 1 hour 50/50 Day event:

  • Introduction to 50/50 Day: 5 mins
  • Screening of short film: 20 mins
  • Break into small groups or have one large group discussion using age-specific questions: 30 mins
  • Wrap-up: 5 mins

Q: I’m the principal of a school. What’s the best way to involve my school?
A: 50/50 Day is most impactful when the whole community comes together around the different components: Screening short film(s), engaging in discussion, and participating in gender balanced-building activities with others. The best way to do this may be to have each classroom hold their own event. Alternatively, the film can be shown in an assembly if small group discussions and activities can be held in the same location or nearby afterwards. If students change teachers for each subject throughout the day, an idea is for 50/50 Day activities to occur in one subject (e.g. health class or psychology class) throughout the day.

Partnering &

Spreading the Word:

Q: How can I help spread the word about 50/50 Day?
A: If you have a large network (email, FB, Twitter) that you believe would get on board for 50/50 Day, let us know! We are looking to partner with aggregators who have over 20K+ people in their networks. Our partners’ logos will proudly be featured on our website (size and location dependent upon size of the network).

Q: Can Tiffany and team help me promote my project / product / website / app / film / book?
A: If you have a resource that is already available to the public and is geared toward our audience, and you will commit to mobilizing your community to participate in 50/50 Day in tangible ways, we would love to discuss highlighting your work. Send an email to makenzie@letitripple.org with all of the details.

Q: How does my organization partner with Let it Ripple beyond 50/50 Day?
A: Please send information detailing your ideal partnership with Let it Ripple to sawyer@letitripple.org.

Q: How can my company or my product be listed as a resource in 50/50 Day materials?
A: Please send information about your product, including its targeted audience, to makenzie@letitripple.org. It is also helpful if you send your thoughts on how your company can promote 50/50 Day in tangible ways (e.g. tweet about 50/50 Day, share a film on your Facebook page, write a newsletter article about it, etc).


Q: Can Director Tiffany Shlain speak at my school or workplace on 50/50 Day?
A: Director Tiffany Shlain will be joining a handful of 50/50 Day events via video Skype and a few live. Tiffany also speaks at events locally and internationally throughout the year. If you’re interested in learning more or requesting her to speak, check out the speaking page on our site.

Q: Is there one main physical 50/50 Day event?
A: Rather than one main event, Let it Ripple is supporting thousands of events hosted by people all throughout the world.  There will be several large public events in cities that we will share shortly. Sign up if you’d like to host a 50/50 Day event in your community.

Q: I’d love to translate the video into another language.
A: Thank you so much! Check out this page for instructions.

Q: Will you have a 24-hour global online Q&A this year?
A: Yes, an online Q&A is planned for 50/50 Day 2017. More details will be released in a few months.

Q: I’d like to attend a 50/50 Day event but I don’t want to host one myself. Is there a list of organizations who are hosting public events?
A: We’ll provide a list of public 50/50 Day events on our website in late April. Remember you can always get your friends and family together to host your very own screening and conversation. Sign up here.

Do you have a question that wasn’t listed? Send it to makenzie@letitripple.org.