What’s on Your Plate?

Source: Common Sense Media

Centering on two young, relatable female narrators who wondered why a farm-grown cherry tomato was so much better than the ones they had at school, 2009 documentary WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? deftly manages the tough trick of imparting ecological lessons without preaching. Sadie (daughter of director Catherine Gunn) and Safiyah are two 11-year-olds who live in New York City and become so curious about how the food they eat comes to be that they decide to make a movie about it. In their quest to find out why we eat what we do, they talk to farmers, chefs, politicians, even a poet, who explain complicated ideas like “eating local” or “empty calories” using graphics and demonstrations such as a school science lesson comparing walnuts to Funyuns. This documentary may cause kids to question what their own family eats, for good or bad.

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