Visions of Success

Source: The Teachers Guild

Visions of Success will allow students from Day 1 to reflect on who they are individually (strengths, challenges, cultural beliefs, morals, goals) and then also look at how they fit into the bigger picture around them. Students should also be aware of those around them that may have some similarities/differences from the ones they listed but ultimately learn to respect that everyone is coming together in this shared learning space and contributes something good! This idea can be in a themed room around social media frames (IG, FB, Snapchat, Twitter) and the type of digital footprint they also leave behind and how that may paint a picture of their “character” that can be correct/incorrect. This activity can lead to great discussion and dialogue but also integrates technology in an engaging way. Students should have real and authentic opportunities to build and shape their character because it certainly will count in many ways!

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