VIA as a Chauffeur

Source: VIA Institute

High level, high stakes clients can be resistant to assessments at times, but they can use the VIA “like nobody’s business,” says Carol Kauffman. Occasionally there are times that rather than have her “C-Suite” clients take the survey, she’ll use her finely-tuned VIA strengths spotting skills to steer her clients toward their goals. By zeroing in on which strengths she easily identifies in her client, Carol can then gather situational-specific information and devise tactics that her client can employ to reach their goals through strengths. The benefits of this quick and direct approach is that by setting up custom steps based on strengths, the client feels acknowledged and creatively supported. Carol can then introduce the VIA strengths vocabulary either through discussion, or through the survey to further her client’s awareness of how specifically their strengths are helping or hurting them. Carol has provided details for this application below.

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