The Daring Game for Girls

Source: Common Sense Media

In THE DARING GAME FOR GIRLS, players take on the role of a young girl who has just moved to a new town. She sets out from her new home with three goals: To make new friends, have fun, and earn enough money to go on a big outdoorsy adventure trip. Some of the new friends she makes will school her on trivia about their favorite topics, others will invite her to play games like freeze tag, tether-ball, soccer, or double-dutch. She’ll buy supplies (or find them, or be given them) in order to build crafts — everything from dreamcatchers to a scooter that she can actually ride. She’ll run sales from a little wooden stand, selling lemonade (which must be made in the game), flowers, or produce (which must be grown in the game), or any of the craft items she’s built. Along the way, she’ll go birdwatching, collect great books, and solve coded messages given to her by a wannabe spy friend.

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