Temple Grandin

Source: Common Sense Media

Parents need to know that although this biopic about a woman with autism doesn’t have much in the way of salty language, sex, drinking, or other strong content, its themes make it more age-appropriate for teens and adults. The film makes an effort to vividly capture the feelings and behavior of its main character — who is autistic — as well as the profound effect that her behavior has on her family and community. The movie’s most disturbing scenes relate to the treatment of cattle as they’re raised and prepared for slaughter: Sequences graphically them being prodded, trapped in tight areas, herded against their will, and dragged squalling through mud. Because some of these incidents are seen from Temple Grandin’s heightened perspective, they can appear especially cruel. There are also intermittent flashbacks of kids taunting and laughing at Temple as she grew up and one scene in which mean-spirited cowboys pelt her car with bull innards and testicles.

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