Stand and Deliver

Source: Common Sense Media

Parents need to know that Stand and Deliver is a 1988 movie based on the true story of an inspiring math teacher in a struggling inner-city Los Angeles high school who, through his hard work and tireless dedication, helps his students live up to their full potential and succeed at AP Calculus. Gangs threaten violence, and there’s a scene in which students are chased through the hallways of the school by someone trying to hit them with a chain. While the film shows what can be achieved when a tough but fair teacher brings out the best in his students — students who are shown struggling with the difficulties of their neighborhoods, family life, and the pains of adolescence — there are some scenes in which some of what the teacher says would be seen as inappropriate by today’s standards, including a scene in which a girl with a reputation for being “easy” is “slut shamed” by the teacher. While she does stand up for herself, the teacher has no repercussions for his remarks, or even an awareness that what he said is highly inappropriate. There is also some profanity — Latino slang for “a–hole” and “fat girl” mixed in with English curse words.

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