Source: SmartFeed is a family media resource to help parents and educators find and organize media just right for each child through an easy-to-use app and website. Our mission is to help parents, teachers, and librarians access inspiring media (Movies-TV-Apps-Books) to supplement learning and/or entertainment – that their kids will love. To help parents feel good about the media they allow their kids to watch, we have aggregated 30,000 titles with multiple editorial POV’s (e.g. Common Sense Media, Kids in Mind, Children’s Tech Review, Good Reads, Amazon, iTunes, etc.), surface customized media recommendations for each child, and offer savable, shareable playlists for families and communities.  The playlists include popular topics in academics, character traits, and interests such as Gratitude, Love of Learning, and Animals – and the titles are easily sortable by Age, Topic tags, and provider (e.g. iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc.).

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