Reaching Out to Our Community While Learning About Fire Safety

Source: Character

This is a character education lesson that has integrated art, language arts, and math skills. This lesson is student initiated and will involve parents and community members. Students will brainstorm how they can reach out to a local family that lost their belongings to a house fire. Students will learn how to organize a donations drive. They will make posters to advertise the needs of the family. They will create power points by groups to present on the morning news show “Town Hall” to announce the needs  of the family. The students will write a script to read on Town Hall. Students in fourth grade will also be responsible for collecting the donations. This will be a student-driven activity. In addition, students will learn how to practice fire safety in their own homes and develop a written plan for what to do in case their house catches fire. Finally, the students will design their safety plans by using geometric skills learned during their math classes. For background knowledge, this lesson should be taught at the end of the Geometry Unit. Students should understand the meaning of and how to draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute, obtuse), and perpendicular and parallel lines. Student should also know how to draw a lines of symmetry and be able to recognize two-dimensional figures in their everyday lives.

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