Notes to Each Other

Thirty years ago, unknown author Hugh Prather published Notes to Myself, a small collection of thoughts culled from his personal diary. Prather subtitled the book, “My struggle to become a person.” It was the deeply felt record of his journey to a state of heightened self-knowledge and spiritual flowering. It became a perennial best-seller, and continues to enlighten, comfort, and amuse to this day. Notes to Each Other bravely explores the heart of a relationship that has lasted for 35 years-the relationship between Hugh and Gayle Prather. With remarkable candor, one couple traces the emotional route traveled to reach the coveted place where genuine communication, cooperation, and compassion dwell. First published 10 years ago, the book has here been updated and enlarged by the greater wisdom that comes with the experience of raising children and growing older together. Although drawn from two hearts, the book speaks with one voice, asking the questions all couples ask, from “Did I choose the right person?” to “How can you stand me?” Let it speak to you.

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