Mission US: Flight to Freedom

Source: Common Sense Media

MISSION US: FLIGHT TO FREEDOM follows the journey of 14-year-old Kentucky slave Lucy as she leaves her family behind in a quest for freedom. She begins on the plantation, where she has chores such as laundry, feeding the pigs, and collecting eggs from the chickens. When things go catastrophically wrong, she must run away to avoid being beaten or sold to a different plantation. You lead Lucy as she runs, making decisions that control the course of her fate. She befriends abolitionists and joins their cause, putting her own life at risk in the process. And when her friends are in need, she can step up to help out. But will Lucy ever really be free? Will she see her family again? It’s your story, based on the choices you make. As you progress through the story, you’ll help develop Lucy’s personality. Is she self-reliant? Family-oriented? Rebellious? In the end, it’s these traits that allow you to make the final decisions to tell the end of Lucy’s story.

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