Jewish Sensibilities: An Interactive Guide

Source: Hillel International

This is a curriculum for Hillel Professionals. It’s written to help you bring Jewish ideas to life for your students. And it is focused around 10 Jewish Sensibilities, key values that for centuries have helped guide Jews in how they think about the world and how they live their lives. We think these Sensibilities still have a lot to say to us. They can help us resist distorted images about our bodies (Tzelem Elohim), put down our cell phones and focus on what’s important (Shabbat), and argue productively (Elu v’Elu). They can help us deal with failure (Shevirah), celebrate with responsibility (Simcha) and take the next step (Na’aseh v’Nishmah). They guide us when we try to figure out who we really are (Teshuvah), what we owe to others (Brit), how to lead (Yisrael), and how to dare greatly (Lech Lecha).

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