Harry the Hypno-potamus Metaphorical Tales for the Treatment of Children Volume 1 by Linda Thomson PhD MSN CPNP

Source: IPEN

Now available in paperback, this best-selling collection of 32 metaphorical stories addresses a variety of physical and behavioral problems facing young children in an easy-to-use story book format. Reading the title story (How Harry Got His Name) to a child is a wonderful way to introduce the idea of hypnosis and imagination. All of the full-color illustrated stories feature animals in a zoo that are supported by Dr. Dan, the zoo’s vet, to help master such problems as: -Phobias and anxiety attacks -Pain management -Habits and habit control -Sleep disorders -Death and dying -Asthma & other serious medical disorders and much more. Some of the therapeutic interventions are very problem specific while others are more general and can be used for a variety of conditions and can be used verbatim or adapted to each unique situation. There is also a section of introductory clinical material that explains the best way to use the book with children and parents.

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