Half the Sky Movement: The Game

Source: Common Sense Media

The main character of HALF THE SKY MOVEMENT: THE GAME is Radhika, a young woman from India who becomes an advocate for women in her community and around the world. As Radhika interacts with other characters, first in India, and later in Kenya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and the U.S., players make choices on her behalf that determine how the scene unfolds. For example, when there are only 10 mosquito nets to go around, should the last one to a pregnant woman, or to protect children at the hospital? Completing quests earns points in areas such as Economy, Education, Health, and Security, and leveling up these meters opens new quests and areas to explore. The quests that players complete in-game parallel real charities. For example, when Radhika obtains medicine for her daughter in the game, players are given the option to donate to Shot @ Life, a real-world charity that provides vaccines to children.

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