Gone Home

Source: Common Sense Media

GONE HOME puts players in the role of Katie, a 20-year-old woman returning home after a year spent traveling around Europe. But the home she returns to isn’t the one she left. Her parents and sister have moved into a mansion once owned by her uncle, and it’s empty. The entirety of the game’s three hours is spent exploring this giant house, wherein you’ll find notes and artifacts that combine to create a tapestry of the lives of Katie’s family. It’s clear that the parents are going through some personal issues, but it’s Katie’s sister Sam who eventually becomes the focus of the story. A high school senior having trouble making friends at her new school, Sam has left her personal notes and stories (she’s an aspiring author). Players also get to hear Sam’s voice as she confides to Katie her emotions and experiences, especially those to do with one friend in particular.

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