First Position

Source: Common Sense Media

Every year, about 5000 ballet dancers between the ages of 9 and 19 scramble to reach the finals of the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix. The prizes are immense: scholarships to career-making, life-changing ballet schools, and even a lucrative contract with a renowned dance company. In FIRST POSITION, viewers meet the likes of Aran, an American boy blessed with the grace of Baryshnikov who lives with his military dad and mom in Italy; Gaya, his friend from Israel who fuses modern dance and classical ballet with the confidence of a person twice her age; Michaela, a 14-year-old adopted from war-torn Sierra Leone who still remembers the most haunting moments of her childhood and wants to show that black girls can dance ballet. There’s also Joan, a powerful dancer who lives in New York City, far away from his family in Colombia, to seek a better, brighter future, and Miko, who, at 12, is already determined to leave her mark in the ballet world. And then there’s Rebecca, a teenager who wants a storybook ending to her dancing career but a balanced life, too.

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