Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Source: Common Sense Media

From The Fred Rogers Company comes DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, an animated series that invites preschoolers into the friendly hometown of 4-year-old Daniel Tiger (voiced by Jake Beale), a curious, imaginative kid who loves to embark on adventures with his friends O the Owl (Zachary Bloch), Miss Elaina (Addison Holley), Katerina Kittycat (Amariah Faulkner), and Prince Wednesday (Nicholas Kaegi). As Daniel and his pals explore their world, they find things don’t always work out according to plan, but each misfortune can be turned into a positive opportunity if they have a positive attitude. Through songs, stories, and make believe, Daniel and his viewers learn the value of friendship and emotional flexibility, which helps them navigate the choppy waters of growing up.

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