Conflict Resolution Skills Training (Grades 9-12)


All students should feel competent to handle their interpersonal conflicts in a productive manner. In order for this to occur, two conditions must exist. First, students must believe that they are capable of responding appropriately to their personal challenges. Second, they must possess the requisite skills to do so. Unlike peer mediation programs that teach a handful of students these attitudes, skills, and behaviors, the Conflict Resolution Skills Training Homeroom provides this enriching opportunity to all freshmen students. A core group of ten student leaders undergo the intensive peer mediation training program. They, in turn, work with other students, who have been selected in a collaborative effort between teachers and the core leaders for their ability to resolve their own conflicts effectively. In Conflict Resolution Teams (CRT) of 4-6, these students go into classrooms of their freshmen peers within the first few weeks of the school year to help these new members of the their school community transition into high school. The highly engaging CRT curriculum, developed with student input, includes fun, interactive skits along with serious discussions. Freshmen practice the skills of observation, reflection, and goal setting.

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