Advocacy, Recognition and Prevention through Art and Health (Grades 6-8)


This lesson is designed to coincide with an Art project using installation art. students learn about cancer in health class, survey the school community to find out about the impact of cancer, and then educate their peers about what they have learned. students work with art students to create an art installation. Advocacy is an important goal of health education. By working with students from art on the installation, students are able to help others recognize the amount of people that are affected by cancer. By doing so, students may be able to voice concerns with family and or help others think about their risk and ways to reduce their risks. Working with art allowed students to not only give factual information but send a heartfelt message visually and verbally through recognizing the prevalence and the stretch of where cancer has affected the local community. students gain the knowledge and the ability to reach a many through their bulletin board, classroom surveys, and helping put together the installation project. Individual driven research and awareness allowed two curriculums to come together.

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