A Good Case of Stripes: Celebrating Uniqueness and Making Connections

Source: Character.org

This lesson is designed to be used at the start of the school year. It is most effective if teachers have incorporated moral and performance character traits as part of their class operations. (At our school we create class compacts the first day of school outlining what we agree to do, to do our best work and be our best selves. We also have posters in all of the classrooms with the moral and performance character traits.) This lesson helps students think about the thoughts and feelings they may experience on the first day of school, and their desire to be accepted by peers. Through this lesson students will complete an “other-study” of the main character in the story and also use social thinking skills to predict thoughts and feelings of the characters. They will complete a “self-study,” and using a blank template, illustrate their interests, talents and character strengths. A public performance of their illustrations will allow students to learn about one another and connect with each other.

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