10 Daily Practices to Strengthen Character

  1. Every night before bed, think of three moments or people you are grateful for. #Gratitude
  2. Identify your top three strengths and find ways to bring them into your life in new ways. #Character
  3. Identify one strength you want to develop and make a list of practices you can do each day to strengthen it. #Perspective #Perseverance
  4. Think of people you see everyday but don’t know personally — find out their name and something about them. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. #Empathy #Curiosity
  5. Next time you’re in a group setting, if you’re a shy person, try to raise your hand or speak first; if you’re a vocal person, let others speak first. #Humility #Courage
  6. Recognize character strengths in others and compliment them regularly. #gratitude #Perspective #Empathy
  7. Think of one of your heroes and identify the strengths you admire in them #Leadership
  8. If you have an email that is stressing you out, sleep on it before you send #Self-control
  9. Recognize teachable moments in real life and on screen and identify what strengths they exercise. #SocialIntelligence
  10. Ask people for permission to post (PTP) before sharing their photo online. #Kindness #Self-Control

We thank our partners for helping us come up with this list during a Character Day Partner Summit