Thank you for being part of the global Character Day initiative! Below are some ideas to help you create your own Character Day, based on how much time you have and how involved you want to be. Keep in mind that while Character Day is one day, the resources are available year-round, and many individuals use Character Day as a way to launch year-round mindfulness work for individuals and their families. As always, if you have additional questions please reach out to the Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Makenzie Darling at

Suggested Places to Hold Your Character Day:

  • Your home or a friends’ home, community center, library, school, religious hall, rent out a movie theater.

Sample one hour event:

(if you only have 30 min, just pick one of the films)

  • 10 mins: Watch 30,000 Days
  • 20 min: Tune into the Global Q&A
  • 10 mins: Watch The Science of Character
  • 10 mins: Use the Periodic Table of Character Strengths and questions from the discussion kits (appropriate age range).
  • 10 mins: Watch The Adaptable Mind

Other Suggested Activities that you could add onto your Character Day:

  • Create a book club beforehand and discuss one book on a certain Character strength
  • Have everyone go around the room vocalizing their favorite character strengths in others
  • Do a community service project
  • Art project
  • Make a pledge together as a family or as a community on how you will work on your character and treat one another better
  • Find resources in the Hub, including articles, books, or movies to watch around different character strengths.

Ways to Market Your Event:

  • Use the Character Day Toolkit for social media posts, signs to hang around your community, etc.
  • Share the 1 minute trailer
  • Send an email to local schools, congregations, community centers, or other families to get them involved!
  • Make a short video or do a Facebook Live highlighting your Character Day event! Use this Best Practices Guide to give you some helpful tips and then email your video or link to Your video may be featured as part of our programming for the day!