Thank you for being part of the global Character Day initiative! Below are some ideas to help you create your own Character Day, based on how much time you have, age range and more. Keep in mind that while Character Day is one day, the resources are available year-round, and many educators use Character Day as a way to launch year-round programming.

Places to hold Character Day events:

Individual Classrooms, Auditorium, Lecture Halls, Homerooms, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, After School Programs, Special Assemblies.

Sample Age 7 and Under 40 Minute Event:

15 mins: Watch an episode of ClassDojo’s Growth Mindset or Empathy film series and do an exercise
20 mins: coloring session using Lucky Kat World coloring book
5 mins: wrap up!
* For additional resources and suggestions please check out our partner page.

Sample 40 Minute Event for 8 and Up:

5 mins: Introduce Character Day
10 mins: Watch The Science of Character film (or 30,000 Days, The Adaptable Mind, or The Making of a Mensch)
20 mins: Use the Periodic Table of Character Strengths and questions from the discussion kits (appropriate age range)
5 Mins: Wrap Up

Sample 60 Minute Event:

Add to the above: join a 20 minute global Q&A session hosted by educators and thought leaders. For a 1.5 hour event for 12+ ages watch the feature length film Connected.

More Event suggestions:

  • Watch any combination of the five films: Connected (Feature Length), The Science of Character (8 mins), The Adaptable Mind (10 mins), 30,000 Days, or The Making of a Mensch (10 mins).
  • Use the provided discussion kits, which include a poster of the Periodic Table of Character Strengths, questions, quotes, and discussion guides for different ages (ages 4-99+).
  • Participate in the Character Day Global Google Hangout where experts talk about different SEL topics.
  • Find other resources in the Education Resource Hub, including lesson plans, curriculum,articles, books, websites, apps, games, or films around different character strengths.
  • Do a community service project.
  • Use Character Day to launch year-round programming, such as exploring a different character strength each week or month, or having a writing exercise each week about overall character development.
  • Invite a speaker or panel of thought leaders to come talk about character.
  • Invite parents to join in the event (send a letter home).
  • Come up with a school declaration of what you plan to do to improve character for the remainder of the school year and have students sign it.
  • Tie in Character Day to your student’s papers, research, and presentations
  • Have teachers take different character strengths. For instance, have the English department read an excerpt from Hamlet and talk about that specific tragic hero and what character strengths he did or did not portray.