Where did the inspiration for the Character Hub come from?

In 2014 we created a global movement called Character Day, where people from all over the world would watch films on character development and dive into resources asking what makes us human. Through our work we developed close partnerships with organizations that were experts in character education.  Many of these organizations were in different sectors such as religion, science, art, and history.  We found so many amazing resources but they were all segmented.  We decided to bring all of these books, movies, apps, games, etc. into one resource hub where people from all ages and backgrounds could tap into this conversation.

How do you select the resources included?

All of our resources had to come from reputable sources, and most of them came from our partners working alongside us for Character Day.  We curated articles, movies, books, apps, etc. very carefully to make sure that we had a vast majority of resources covering various character strengths and virtues.

How can I use this Resource Hub in my classroom?

Our resource hub is an excellent way to keep character education going throughout the school year!  You may filter by age range, modality, and which character strength you would like to focus on.  We have thousands of books, movies, apps, lesson plans, etc, to embed into your curriculum.

How do I submit a resource to be included?

Please email makenzie@letitripple.org. Our team will review the materials and let you know if it has been included.