Thank you for being part of the sixth annual Character Day! On September 27, millions of people in schools, offices, and homes participated by streaming films, diving into discussion materials, and watching the global livestream (above), all about this year’s theme: the relationship between character (strengths like empathy, grit, gratitude, and leadership) and screen use. When and how does technology amplify our foster our strengths as humans, and when is it better to turn it off?

Update on Covid-19: We are safe and home, and hope all of you, whether home or on the front lines, are as safe and well as can be. We are currently in development on a new project that builds upon the science and resources of Character Day, and speaks to what we are experiencing. This period is an extreme test of and encouragement of character. Sign up to find out more.


An enormous thank you to the amazing partners who help expand this initiative and cultivate character around the globe!

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