Welcome to Character Day from Tiffany Shlain!

Meet the Filmmakers and Founders of Character Day

Angela Duckworth, Academic, Psychologist and Author of Grit

Emily Esfahani Smith, Author, The Power of Meaning

Krista Tippett and Tiffany Shlain

Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO and Executive Producer, SoulPancake

Elena Man, Pediatrician, Mental Health Specialist

Jane Golden, Founder and Executive Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia

Kalimah Priforce, Headmaster CEO of Oakland-based Qeyno Labs

Interview with Moby, Musician, Photographer and Animal Rights Activist

Joy Buolamwini, Founder of Algorithmic Justice League

Alan Morinis, Founder of Mussar Institute

Sharon Salzberg, World-Renowned Teach, New York Times Best Selling Author

Joe Beckman, International Speaker, Leadership Trainer

Lee Moore, Director of Jewish Learning, Lippman Kanfer Foundation

Dr. Nelly Farnoody, Mom Talk, keynote speaker and a world-renowned clinical psychologist

Chade-Meng Tan, Former Head of Personal Growth, Google

Eric Liu, Writer, Founder and CEO of Citizen University

Scott Barry Kaufman, Psychologist and Author

Lea Waters, Psychologist, Researcher, Consultant, Author and Public Speaker

Soren Gordhamer, Founder and Host of Wisdom 2.0

Dawn Engle, Co-Founder and Executive Director of PeaceJam Foundation

Sign Off From Character Day! Tiffany, Sawyer, Makenzie, and the whole behind the scenes crew

Character Day Trailer (1 min)

Watch The Adaptable Mind (11 min). Premiered Character Day 2015

Watch The Science of Character (8 min). Premiered on the first Character Day 2014

Watch The Making of a Mensch (11 min). Premiered Character Day 2015