We are so excited to welcome millions around the globe for the fourth annual Character Day! There are over 130,000 events happening in 119 countries such as Guam, Russia, Thailand, Central Africa Republic and many more. The U.S Airforce, Intel, L.A Unified School District, individual families and congregations have all come on board to discuss the importance of developing and improving character (qualities like empathy, curiosity, grit, humility, bravery, social responsibility, and many more).

Watch our engaging films on the science of character, dive into free discussion materials, an online Character (Every) Day resource hub and mobile app, and a Global Q&A featuring amazing leaders and educators talking about the importance of character from all different perspectives. To #CultivatingCharacter!

How to Participate in Character Day

  1. Watch our Films. We are very excited to be announcing our new film called, 30,000 Days (11 min), which is premiering today! 30,000 Days explores the 3,000 year history of humans wrestling with the question of how to live life with meaning and purpose. You may also choose from our other flagship films such as The Science of Character (8 min), The Adaptable Mind (10 min), and The Making of a Mensch (10 min). All of our films are appropriate for ages 8-99+. We recommend that you download them for optimal viewing. For younger audiences we have teamed up with some excellent content partners that offer something for the younger kiddos!

2. Dive into discussion materials. For those who did not order the hands-on Discussion Kits, here are online and printable materials.

3. Join the Global LiveCast Q&A. Scroll down this page to watch the live programming including over 20 Q&A interviews with prominent leaders talking about character from all different perspectives; live streams from panels at Character Day events around the world. See the complete lineup of speakers here.

4. Share your voice. Participate in our social media campaign! What does the world need more of right now? Also, please share all of your photos via social media using the hashtag #CultivatingCharacter. We would love to see your events live and are accepting video submissions here. Please send us 1-5 minute event clips that have good lighting, the camera facing the correct angle, and appropriate sound. It’s great to state where you are from and show fun and exciting interactions with the people participating. We will amplify our favorites out to the Character Day community worldwide!

5. Donate to help flood victims around the world. It’s often in the most difficult times that character strengths truly rise — perseverance, empathy, optimism, perspective, humility, kindness, and so much more. It’s with that in mind that we want to offer support to all the people who have been through the devastating floods in both Texas, Florida, and India by encouraging participants of Character Day to donate to the American Red Cross (or another help relief organization of your choice). Donate here. We will also be mentioning this throughout the Global Q&A on Character Day.

How to Keep the Momentum Going!

Character Day is one day, but the resources are available all year round. Here are some additional ways you can keep the conversation going after today.

  1. Character (Every) Day App and Hub. This free tool features over 5,000 curated books, films, articles, websites, organizations, lesson plans, and podcasts to help strengthen character. You can search by age, type of person/organization, type of media, or specific character strength. It is available online and the app includes additional features, such as the ability to save and share lists (articles to read on the train; movies to watch with family; etc). Share this resource with others via social media using the hashtag #CultivatingCharacter

2. Become a Character Day Ambassador. Want to meet like-minded thought leaders around the globe? Passionate about infusing the world with character and ways to develop character? Join the brand-new Character Day Ambassador program. This includes as little or as much time commitment as you are able to give. We will be hosting monthly conference calls where you can learn more about Character Day initiatives as well as sharing your work and learning from others around the globe. You may also join our Character Day Ambassadors Facebook group.

3. Sign up for Character Day 2018! Make an even bigger impact by having more time to prepare and get more involved. The sooner you sign up for Character Day, which will be held on September 26th, 2018, the sooner you will have to order your materials and be alerted of updates as they come. Sign up here!

Character Day Partners

An enormous thank you to the amazing partners who help expand this initiative and cultivate character around the globe!