Today is Character Day!

Over 200,000 Events
All 50 States
Countries Participating all over the Globe
Five Films
17 Special Guests
Millions of Perspective on One Topic:

We are so excited to welcome millions around the globe for the fifth annual Character Day! Corporations, Schools, Districts, Congregations, and families from New Zealand, Malaysia, Brazil, Phillipines, and many more are screening films on the science of character development, diving into discussion materials, and joining an online global conversation featuring special guests discussing the importance of developing resilience, grit, empathy, courage, kindness–all rooted in evidence-based research. Dive into all the resources provided below and make sure to post pictures and share your events with our global audience by using the hashtag #CultivatingCharacter.

How to Participate

  1. Watch our Films. We’re offering our acclaimed Sundance feature documentary film Connected, along with The Science of Character (8 min), The Adaptable Mind (10 min), 30,000 Days (11 min), and/or The Making of a Mensch (10 min). All films are translated into a variety of different languages and are appropriate for ages 7-99.
  2. Join the Global LiveCast. Include this as part of your event or follow along individually.You may watch on Facebook or scroll down this page to watch the 17 in depth conversations with special guests about character from all different perspectives. We will also be live streaming from Character Day events around the world. See the complete lineup of speakers here.

3. Dive into discussion materials. Use our discussion questions to have open conversations around how to develop more character and purpose in our lives.

4. Amazing Resources from our Partners. There is content for all ages that can be applied to your Character Day activities or year round programming.

4. Share your best piece of advice. We want to hear from you! Use this template and post to your social media channels using the hashtag #CultivatingCharacter.

How to Keep the Momentum Going!

Character Day is one day, but the resources are available all year round. Here are some additional ways you can keep the momentum going.

  1. Character (Every) Day App and Hub. This free tool features over 5,000 curated books, films, articles, websites, organizations, lesson plans, and podcasts to help strengthen character. You can search by age, type of person/organization, type of media, or specific character strength.

2. Become a Character Day Ambassador. Want to meet like-minded thought leaders around the globe? Passionate about infusing the world with character and ways to develop character? Join the Facebook Character Day Ambassador program. This includes as little or as much time commitment as you are able to give. We will be hosting monthly conference calls where you can learn more about Character Day initiatives as well as sharing your work and learning from others around the globe.

Character Day Partners

An enormous thank you to the amazing partners who help expand this initiative and cultivate character around the globe!