See complete list of past talks below videos.

TEDMED: “The Wonders of a Wandering Mind”
Tiffany Shlain was the closing speaker at TEDMED. She spoke about “multi-perspectiving,” cross-disciplinary thinking and what sets the human brain apart.


Tribeca Film Festival Keynote: “The Cloud Filmmaking Manifesto”
Tiffany Shlain describes her new participatory way of making films collaboratively with people all over the world. In this keynote she will share how she makes these films as well as premiere a film on cloud filmmaking.


Closing Speaker at TEDWomen
Tiffany Shlain talks about technology, love, and connection, and how we are on our way to creating a giant web in which everyone in the world is connected.


UC Berkeley Keynote Commencement Speech
Listed by NPR as one of “the best Commencement Speeches, ever”

TEDxBerkeley: From Failure to Innovation: Filmmaking in the Cloud
Filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards Tiffany Shlain talks about cloud filmmaking at TEDxBerkeley.

National Association for Media Literacy Education: Keynote
Shlain discusses her career as a filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards and introduces the NAMLE membership to innovative cloud filmmaking.

Listen to Talks on Sound Cloud

2008 Sundance Film Festival Talk: #6 GOING IT ALONE: Digital Distribution for the Indie Filmmaker

2015 Talks

Oct 18, 2015: Future of Film and Technology – Mill Valley Film Festival, CA
Oct 16, 2015: The Nueva Innovative Learning Conference – Hillsborough, CA
Oct 16, 2015: Uncharted Festival of Ideas – Berkeley, CA
Oct 13, 2015: The Oxbow School Visiting Artist Program – Napa, CA
Oct 7, 2015: Future of Storytelling – New York, NY
Sep 26, 2015: Life is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, NV
Sep 18, 2015: JCC Arts & Ideas – JCC San Francisco, CA
Jul 25, 2015: AspenBrainLab – The Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO
Jun 11, 2015: A Reflection on Jewish Fathers – JCC East Bay, Berkeley, CA
Jun 7, 2015: San Francisco Web Fest Centerpiece Speaker – San Francisco, CA
May 14, 2015: Women of Vision Keynote – Anita Borg Institute, Santa Clara, CA
Jan 6, 2015: Fireside chat with Tim Armstrong at CES – Las Vegas, NV
Jan 6, 2015: Opening speaker at CES – Las Vegas, NV

2014 Talks

Dec 9, 2014: Google Hangout with filmmakers Tiffany Shlain & Morgan Spurlock – online
Oct 1, 2014: Closing speaker at TEDMED – San Francisco, CA
Sept 30, 2014: AdWeek 2014 – New York, NY
July 18, 2014: Porchlight storytelling series – San Francisco, CA
July 9, 2014: Commonwealth Club California: Creativity in the Cloud – Mill Valley, CA
June 26, 2014: California Academy of Sciences Nightlife – San Francisco, CA
June 9-10, 2014: Future Friendly Web 2014 – Penn State University
April 9, 2014: Genentech, Keynote – San Francisco, CA
March 25, 2014: Jewish Camp Leaders Assembly – New Brunswick, NJ
March 20, 2014: Various locations for Character Day including: KFOG, UC Berkeley Symposium, and Future Cast @ AT&T Foundry
January 19 – 21, 2014: Sundance Film Festival Events:

Women at Sundance YouTube Panel
Eden Summit
Cloud Filmmaking Salon @Airbnb Haus
New Frontiers Panel: Sundance Artists Creating Innovative Forms of Distribution & Business Models
2013 Talks

November 13-17: American Film Showcase 2013 – Tel Aviv, Israel
Director Tiffany Shlain & our film Brain Power were selected by the US State Department for the 2013-14 American Film Showcase and will tour Israel. Here is the list of events Tiffany lead while in Israel:

Nov. 13: Directed a workshop with in the American Corner in Acco
Nov. 14: Directed a whole day seminar to 100 film & media students at the Doc Aviv Film Festival
Nov. 15: Gave a talk for the “HaSadna” members
Nov. 17: Gave a talk on “How Technology is Changing the Landscape”
Nov. 18: Gave a talk on “Internet’s Influence on Society and It’s Use as an Advocacy Tool”
Nov. 18: Screening and talk to students in all departments
Nov. 19: Gave a talk on “permanently connected” kids and “unconnected” teachers

Oct 9, 2013: Future of Web Design 2013 – New York, NY
May 30, 2013: Embarcadero Partners – San Francisco, CA
May 21, 2013: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Berkeley, CA
May 8, 2013: Cal Poly Pomona – Pomona, CA
May 1, 2013: The Power of One Keynote – San Francisco, CA
April 20, 2013: Tribeca Interactive Day Keynote – New York, NY
April 18, 2013: State Farm Insurance Company, Keynote – Bloomington, IL
April 17, 2013: FUSE Conference, Keynote – Chicago, IL
March 26, 2013: Valencia College, Keynote and screening of Connected – Orlando, FL
March 22, 2013: Compostmodern Resilience Conference, Keynote – San Francisco, CA
March 3, 2013: Central Conference for American Rabbi Conference, Keynote – Long Beach, CA
Feb22, 2013: The Aspen Institute: LA Aspen Challenge – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 20, 2013: Sundance Film Festival: I Am That Girl Panel – Park City, UT

2012 Talks

Nov 30, 2012: Extreme Futurist Festival speaking and screening of Brain Power – San Francisco, CA
Nov 11, 2012: Contemporary Jewish Museum Storytelling event – San Francisco, CA
Nov 8, 2012: California Academy of Sciences: Premiere of Brain Power and panel discussions – San Francisco, CA
Nov 7, 2012: Open Mobile Summit, Keynote – San Francisco, CA
Oct 24, 2012: Global Oneness Day panel: “Transformational Entertainment” – Online
Oct 16, 2012: Cisco Keynote address at The Cisco Collaboration Partner Summit – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 15, 2012: Cisco Keynote address at The Cisco Collaboration Customer Forum – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 11, 2012: Akami Edge Conference, Keynote – Las Vegas, NV
Oct 11, 2012: Chicago Economic Forum – Chicago, IL
Sept 28, 2012: Boston Museum of Science panel and sneak peek of Brain Power – Boston, MA
Sept 20, 2012: Fiat Lux Series “On The Same Page” series – San Francisco, CA
Sept 13, 2012: Tides Organization event – San Francisco, CA

June 2011: Tiffany’s feature documentary Connected was selected by the US State Dept. to be part of the American Film Showcase. Tiffany travelled with the film to South Africa and gave various talks while there:

Encounters S. African Int’l Doc Film Festival talk on The Cloudfilmmaking Manifesto
Encounters S. African Int’l Doc Film Festival talk: ”Technology has lead to Interdependence”

June 6, 2012: The Economist conference “Big Data and the Evolution of Smart Systems” – San Francisco, CA
June 6, 2012: Stanford University Knight Fellows lecture series – Palo Alto, CA
May 14, 2012: California Institute of Technology discussion and screening of Connected. – Pasadena, CA
March 31, 2012: Catherine Clark Gallery panel: What Would Rembrandt Post? – San Francisco, CA
March 29, 2012: Google Big Tent Event panel: ”Tomorrow’s world starts today: building a strong, connected community”
March 21, 2012: NewsxChange live virtual discussion and screening of Connected
March 20, 2012: Lipstick and Politics panel: Women & Business: What Does It Take? – San Francisco, CA
March 11, 2012: SXSW panel: “In the Cloud: Your Film in a Post-Ownership World” – Austin, TX
March 10, 2012: SXSW panel: “Performance Anxiety- How Women Present Themselves in the Digital Age” – Austin, TX
March 5, 2012: IDG Enterprise screening of Connected and discussion at the ”consumerization of IT in the enterprise conference + expo” – San Francisco, CA
March 7, 2012: Art Institute SF Q&A – San Francisco, CA
March 5, 2012: eBay WIN screening of Connected and discussion: “Connect Inspire and Influence”
March 2, 2012: Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive panel: Film Forward: The Future of Film in Education – Berkeley, CA
Feb 21, 2012: A Human Right, Keynote and fundraiser screening of Connected – San Francisco, CA
Feb 11, 2012: 50th Anniversary Event for the SF French American Int’l School – San Francisco, CA
Feb 7, 2012: SFFS Film Arts Forum: Digital Distribution Now – San Francisco, CA
Feb 6, 2012: California Leaders Lunch – Oakland, CA (Oakland Museum of CA)
Feb 4, 2012: TEDx Berkeley: ”From Failure to Innovation: Filmmaking in the Cloud” – Berkeley, CA
Jan 27, 2012: Summit Series Basecamp – Squaw Valley, CA
Jan 26, 2012: Princeton Environmental Film Festival – Princeton, NJ
Jan 21, 2012: Sundance Film Festival Panel: Distribution X – Park City, UT

2011 Talks

Dec 1, 2011: Closing talk TEDxWomen – Los Angeles, CA
Nov 10, 2011: USC Arts & Humanities Initiative – Los Angeles, CA
Nov 1, 2011: Commonwealth Club: Social Networking on the Brain – San Francisco, CA
Sept 28, 2011: Digital 2.0 Screening – BRAZIL
Aug 17, 2011: TEDxNASA – Palo Alto, CA
June 30, 2011: Aspen Ideas Festival – Aspen, CO
July 9, 2011: Aspen ACT II – Aspen, CO
April 6, 2011: Cannes Keynote & Screening: Palais des Festivals, MIP Doc MIP TV – Cannes, FRANCE
April 4, 2011: SFFS Arts Forum: Beyond Film School – San Francisco, CA
April 12, 2011: Women Who Frame the World Symposium – San Francisco, CA
April 28, 2011: Food for Thought Conference – Greenville, SC
March 30, 2011: American Library Association, Keynote – Los Angeles, CA
March 29, 2011: CalSAE Elevate Conference – Roseville, CA

2010 Talks

Oct 29-31, 2010: 3-Day Symposium sponsored by Institute of General Semantics – New York, NY
Oct 27, 2010: Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership “Leading In A Connected World.” – Cambridge, MA
Oct 27, 2010: IBM Center for Social Software Speaker Series – Cambridge, MA
Oct 16, 2010: LongNow Conversation – San Francisco, CA
July 2010: Aspen Ideas Festival – Aspen, CO
June 10, 2010: TEDxMarin – Marin County, CA
May 16, 2010: University of California Commencement Ceremony Address – Berkeley, CA
May 20, 2010: InVision talk “Tapping the power in the social media” – San Francisco, CA
April 16, 2010: Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership – Cambridge, MA
March 1, 2010: Denver Jewish Federation – Denver, CO
Feb 11, 2010: Planned Parenthood Featured Speaker – New York, NY
Feb 1, 2010: Jewish Museum Conference – Los Angeles, CA

Mill Valley Film Festival: Moderator of Girl Geeks Lab – Mill Valley, CA
SF Film Society Cinema By the Bay – San Francisco, CA
Slide Ranch Benefit – Mill Valley, CA
SFJCC Arts & Ideas Lecture – San Francisco, CA

Other Talks

May 1, 2009: The Four Seasons by Partners Ending Domestic Abuse – San Francisco, CA
*Tiffany honored for creating socially conscious films
Feb 9, 2009: SFFS Film Arts Forum: Online Distribution – San Francisco, CA
March 11-12, 2008: TV of Tomorrow at Yerba Beuna – San Francisco, CA
March 18, 2008: Buzz Conference LA Keynote – Los Angeles, CA
April 2008: Philadelphia Keynote – Philadelphia, PA
April 14, 2008: Porchlight Storytelling – San Francisco, CA
July 11, 2008: Porchlight Storytelling Anniversary Show – San Francisco, CA
August 30, 2008: Tiffany hosts BBC’s The Real Cities
Cafe Jaqueline
Sundance Kabuki Theatre
The Wave Organ
Sept 26, 2008: Idea Festival: A Question of Freedom – Louisville, KY
Dec 9, 2008: San Francisco Film Society Lecture on Sundance – San Francisco, CA
Jan 2008: Sundance 2008 Talk – Park City, UT
Dec 27, 2007: Idea Festival: Louisville, KY
Oct 16-18, 2006: The International Digital Market Cinema – Montreal, CANADA

1998 – 2006 Talks:

Apple Store Theater – New York, NY (Soho) & San Francisco, CA
SF Animation Festival – San Francisco, CA
Stanford University – Online
Publishing Conference – Sacramento, CA
MIT Keynote, Technology in the New Global – Cambridge, MA
Context: Rethinking Social Responsibility
UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
Governor’s Conference for Women – Atlantic City, NJ
Stanford’s Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences – Palo Alto, CA
N-Ten, Non-profit Conference – Harrisburg, PA
IBM Conference – New Orleans, LA
Vanguard Group – San Jose, CA
The Contemporary Jewish Museum – San Francisco, CA
Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – San Francisco, CA
Film Arts Foundation – San Francisco, CA
Fortune Small Business Comdex, Keynote – Las Vegas, NV
Sun Corporation – Silicon Valley, CA
Global Symposium TechEd Keynote – CA
Doors of Perception – Amsterdam, HOLLAND
SF Art Institute – San Francisco, CA
HOW Design Conference, Keynote – Atlanta, GA
NATPE 2000 – New Orleans, LA
Portland Creative Conference – Portland, OR
Sydney Opera House, Keynote – Sydney, AUSTRALIA
The Commonwealth Club of California – San Francisco, CA
Conference on World Affairs – Boulder, CO
New York University, Tisch School – New York, NY