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San Francisco Chronicle: Great divide over inauguration


Why we must rethink the past, present and future of women and power to get to
50/50 – Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker and Writer


Heading to DC with 50/50!

We’re headed to The Women’s March in DC where there are screenings of our film 50/50 throughout the weekend and where 50/50 Project is an official partner of the march. We are so looking forward to being there as part of this amazing critical mass speaking up for gender equality. For those of you who will be there, we hope to see you! For those of you not attending or marching in your own cities, we’ll be together in solidarity! Please feel free to forward this to friends heading to DC. We’ll also be doing Facebook Live updates from our FB page and with Refinery29.


Friday Jan 20 @ 7pm — at Meredith Fineman’s pre-march kick off, an official partner of Shepard Fairy’s We the People Project. Event is sold out, but we have limited tix. Email sarah@letitripple.org.
Saturday Jan 21 @ 4-7pm — Screening at Women Rise Up Post March Action Party by Take the Lead Women. Tickets here.

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Announcing 50/50 Day and 50/50 Project:

We’re heading right from DC to Sundance, where there will be a special screening of 50/50 and discussion about the next chapter we are now planning: 50/50 Day and 50/50 Project.

50/50 Day is officially set for May 10th — using the model of our Character Day, groups around the world (men, women, all people, all ages) will screen 50/50 all on the same day at their companies, organizations, schools and homes and discuss and take action on getting to a more gender balanced world that’s better for everyone. All screenings will be linked together with a Global LiveCast Online Q & A featuring prominent leaders in gender equality from all over the world. It’s all free and signing up takes 2 mins here.


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Forbes Podcast Interview with Tiffany Shlain

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NPR: Tiffany Shlain, Getting to “50/50”



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Refinery29: Watch Director Tiffany Shlain’s Shatterbox Anthology Film: 50/50


In the new Shatterbox Anthology film 50/50, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain embarks on a journey to document the true history of powerful women around the world.


Hashtag #CharacterDay2016, and Why You Should Use It on September 22nd



When I looked for inspiring quotes about the concept of character, I realized that nearly everyone and anyone who has ever been an inspiration to me has talked about the stuff, publicly. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Helen Keller, from Henry Ford to Albert Einstein, they have all defined character as essential to our development….


Building mensches one Character Day at a time

Exciting Mensch News About Character Day


Last year, Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper sat in on a third-grade morning meeting at Yavneh Day School in Los Gatos, where she works. The topic was self-control, and one by one, the children went around the circle and shared stories of how they had practiced or struggled with self-control. When the “talking heart” finally made its way to one little boy, he spoke with urgency and immediacy.

“I’m practicing self-control right now because I really want to put my arm on my neighbor and lay down on him,” he said, “but I know I have to sit here.” Tapper, who is the school rabbi and director of Jewish studies, recalled the exchange fondly as she spoke with J. recently, during the first week of the new academic year. “It was really heartfelt,” she said. “Once you give them the language to articulate something that feels confusing inside, they start using it.”
At Yavneh, a Jewish K-8 school, concepts like “self-control,” “perseverance” and “gratitude” are part of the curriculum. Like a growing number of schools across the country, Yavneh has elevated character development to a central part of its educational mission. Character is a core skill to be developed in students, alongside reading, science and math.

“We teach our kids how to flex their mensch muscles,” Tapper said.

In just a couple of weeks, Yavneh will join more than 50,000 schools, synagogues, churches and community organizations in 80 countries around the world on Sept. 22 for what could be considered the mensch Olympics: Character Day.

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PRESS RELEASE: Over 40 Thousand Events Set to Take Place in 70 Countries in Celebration of Character Day on September 22


Global Initiative Exploring the Importance of Developing One’s Character Announces Key Partners & Presenters for Worldwide Event

To host your own event, visit: CharacterDay.org

San Francisco, CA (August 25, 2016) – Today, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby Awards founder, Tiffany Shlain, announced the partners and renowned thought-leaders that will participate in the  third annual Character Day event on September 22.  The initiative—held across the globe with over 40,000 live events throughout 70 countries, and via a 24-hour Global LiveCast Q&A—will feature experts in the field of character education and will engage schools, corporations, universities, civic and other groups in a conversation about the importance of character development.  Participating groups and unique events planned for 2016 have more than quadrupled since 2015.  Additional individuals and/or groups interested in hosting their own Character Day event can visit CharacterDay.org to find out how.



Build Your Character (at Least for a Day) – Harvard Business Review


Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, on why we need more time to develop our inner selves.


Hadassa Magazine’s Talk with Tiffany


The What – Friend of the Week – Tiffany Shlain


We met Tiffany back in the aughts when she helmed her first venture the Webby Awards, which the New York Times called the Oscars of the Internet. Tiffany’s beautiful mind, supersized smile, and collaborative spirit are just a few attributes that initially attracted us. Since then she’s become a member of our tribe and a loving confidante who has boundless energy, creativity, and the ability to pull together fascinating ideas and people, both in her films and personal life, in ways that enrich and inspire.

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