The Science of Character Global Q&A

Thank you everyone for a fantastic day of Global Q&A! 

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Tiffany Shlain: #CharacterDay Introduction 

Tiffany_Shlain_-_TiffanyShlain_Headshot_web.jpgFilmmaker Tiffany Shlain will introduce #CharacterDay.

Tiffany Shlain is the director of The Science of Character. She has had four films premiere at Sundance, has won over 60 awards and distinctions for her work, and has been selected by the US State Department's American Film Showcase to travel to embassies around the world to screen her films and foster dialogue across borders. Before returning to filmmaking in 2003, she spent 10 years founding and developing The Webby Awards.  

Marc Brackett: Emotional Intelligence 

marcBrackettHeadshot.jpgMarc Brackett, Ph.D. is director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. He is also a senior research scientist in psychology and faculty fellow in the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University. He co-created RULER and has developed two university courses on emotional intelligence.


Charles Fadel: Character Education Movement


Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader, expert and inventor; founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign; visiting scholar at Harvard GSE; co-author of best-seller “21st Century Skills”; He has worked with education systems in more than thirty countries. He was formerly Global Education Lead at Cisco Systems.



Dara Feldman: Personal, professional, and organizational development 

DaraFeldman.jpegDara Feldman is a passionate educator, author and speaker. Her new book is The Heart of Education:  Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose Back to Teaching and Learning.  Dara is Chair of the Virtues Project International Association, where she creates and delivers personal, professional and organizational development. 


Tiffany Shlain: Film Q&A with the Director

Tiffany_Shlain_-_TiffanyShlain_Headshot_web.jpgTiffany Shlain is the director of The Science of Character. She has had four films premiere at Sundance, has won over 60 awards and distinctions for her work, and has been selected by the US State Department's American Film Showcase to travel to embassies around the world to screen her films and foster dialogue across borders. Before returning to filmmaking in 2003, she spent 10 years founding and developing The Webby Awards.  


Annie Fox: Effectively managing relationships and emotions

anniefox_portrait.jpgAnnie Fox, M.Ed., is an internationally respected parenting expert, family coach and trusted online adviser for teens. Her life’s work is helping youth effectively manage their relationships and emotions so they can feel confident in who they are. Her latest book, Teaching Kids to Be Good People, is a guide for navigating 21st century parenting challenges.


Dr. Neal Mayerson: VIA Institute on Character

Neal2009_130p.jpgDr. Neal Mayerson is Chairman of the VIA Institute on Character. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Utah. In his work with the Foundation, he has initiated and/or been a principal developer of numerous nonprofit organizations and programs, including: The Mayerson Academy, the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children, the Inclusion Network, the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Program at Northern Kentucky University and RISE Learning Solutions.


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 Dr. Michael Rich: Positive & negative effects of media on children 

DrMichaelRich.jpegDr. Michael Rich, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor of Society, Human Development, and Health at Harvard School of Public Health, came to medicine after a twelve-year career as a filmmaker (including serving as assistant director to Akira Kurosawa on Kagemusha).  His current areas of health research and clinical work bring together his experience and expertise in medicine and media, making him the world’s first “Mediatrician.” In this role, he uses scientific evidence about the powerful positive and negative effects of media to advise children and those who care for them on how to use media in ways that optimize their development. 


Dominic Randolph: Character Development in schools

Randolph-Dominic_pic.jpgDominic Randolph became the sixth head of the Riverdale Country School in 2007, the school’s centennial year. Riverdale is a pre-K through grade 12 independent school of 1,100 students in New York City. Previously, Randolf served in the capacity of assistant headmaster at the Lawrenceville School and has worked in a variety of teaching and administrative roles in schools in Europe and the Middle East. His work has focused on curriculum development, understanding the implications of cognitive and technological advancements for learning spaces, character development, and positive psychology, interdisciplinary studies, and design thinking. 

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Renee Hobbs




Renee Hobbs is Professor and Founding Director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island. 

(this video is not available)

 Dave Levin: KIPP Foundation's Teaching & Learning Lab




Dave Levin is a native of New York City, where in 1995 he co-founded the KIPP Academy in the South Bronx. Dave currently heads up the KIPP Foundation’s Teaching and Learning Lab focused on instructional innovation, leadership development, and teacher training.


Marc Ian Barasch: "The Compassionate Life"

Marc-Ian-Barasch.jpgMarc Ian Barasch is the author The Compassionate LifeHe is the founder of the Green World Campaign , which helps to plant trees in impoverished communities and degraded forests on three continents. Marc is a former editor at Psychology Today, Natural Health, and New Age Journal. He has produced shows for The Learning Channel/Discovery Channel. Other books include The Healing Path, Remarkable Recovery, and Healing Dreams. 


Emiliana Simon-Thomas: Living a more meaningful life

EmilianaSimonThomas.jpgEmiliana Simon-Thomas earned her doctorate in Cognition Brain and Behavior at UC Berkeley. Her dissertation used behavioral and neuroscience methods to examine how negative states like fear and aversion influence thinking and decision-making. During her postdoc, Emiliana transitioned to studying pro-social states like love of humanity, compassion and awe. From there, Emiliana served as the Associate Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford, focusing squarely on how compassion benefits health, well-being and psychosocial functioning. Currently the Science Director of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, Emiliana’s work now spotlights the science that connects health and happiness to social affiliation, caregiving and collaborative relationships, as she continues to examine the potential for – as well as the benefits of – living a more meaningful life.


Dr. Angela Duckworth: Non-IQ competencies that predict achievement


Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a 2013 MacArthur Fellow. Angela studies non-IQ competencies, including self-control and grit, which predict achievement. Prior to her career in research, Angela founded a non-profit summer school for low-income children which won the Better Government Award for the state of Massachusetts and was profiled as a Harvard Kennedy School case study. Angela has also been a McKinsey management consultant and, for five years, a math teacher in the public schools of San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City.



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