Character Day
Discussion Materials

30,000 Days

Discussion Questions

The Science of Character
Discussion Kit

  • Includes poster of The Periodic Table of Character Strengths (download poster).
  • Includes deck of 44 conversation cards, which includes: one instruction card, 24 strength cards, 12 question cards, three quote cards, and discussion guide questions for different ages (download deck).
  • Online Discussion Materials: Ages 4-9 | Ages 10-14 | Ages 15-18Ages 19-99+
  • Translations: Spanish | Chinese

The Adaptable Mind

The Making of a Mensch
Discussion Kit


Find one of our partner’s Shaboom!’s online discussion materials (Download here).

Class Dojo

Gratitude Revealed

Find one of our partner’s Gratitude Revealed’s online resources here.

Ordering Discussion Kits

After the whirlwind of Character Day, we will again be offering the ability to order free printed kits again.
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