What is Character Day

Over 40,000 groups in 70 countries have already signed up for the third annual Character Day, set for September 22, 2016! Character Day is a free annual day and global initiative where groups around the world screen films on the science of character development from different perspectives (including The Science of Character, The Adaptable Mind, and The Making of a Mensch), dive into free printed discussion materials, and join an online global conversation around the importance of developing character strengths (resilience, grit, empathy, courage, kindness)–all rooted in evidence-based research. Character Day is one day. The resources are available year-round. Sign up your school, classroom, organization, company, congregation, or family to participate. Signing up takes two minutes and Character Day is completely free!


How many more days till Character Day?

Host Your Own Event

There are so many different ways to host a Character Day event. Below are some starting points. Please note “For Educators” includes different suggestions for all ages, including preschool through university. “For Jewish Orgs” includes ideas for hosting an event specifically around “The Making of a Mensch” film, which looks at the science of character through a culturally Jewish lens (the director of the film happens to be Jewish).



Discussion Kits for Character Day Events

Preorder your discussion kits early to ensure your kits arrive before your Character Day event!

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Character Day would not be possible without the generous support of our partners.

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Monthly Webinar Series

Join us to learn more about Character Day and hear from some of our fantastic partners about ways to bring Character Day to your community. Everyone is invited, whether you’ve already signed up for Character Day or not.

Learn more and sign up here

Global Q & A

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers and experts scheduled for our Global LiveCasted Q&A! This online Q&A unifies all the thousands of screenings around the world and allows anyone to tap in at any time of the day to ask questions to thought leaders on character development.

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Education Hub


When we started making our first film on “character” three years ago, The Science of Character, we teamed with countless scientists and educators for research, and searched across the web for resources. We’ve curated of amazing research and tools, but what we didn’t find is one place that aggregates all the ideas and resources around character from different perspectives. One hub that brings it all together. We decided to start building one. COMING SOON!

Event Toolkit

Get all of the materials you need to promote and host your own Character Day Event, including social media, emails, flyers, posters, and more.


Watch the 3 films featured on Character Day 2016

The Science of Character (8min)
This film explores the neuroscience and social science behind character development, and how we can shape who we are and who we want to be.
The Adaptable Mind (11min)
This film explores the skills we need to flourish in the 21st Century.
The Making of a Mensch (10min)
This film takes the science we explored in The Science of Character and reframes it through the lens of the great Jewish teachings of The Mussar tradition.