Character Day

Character Day  is an annual global initiative that brings together millions of people of all ages in schools, classrooms, companies, homes — anywhere people already gather — to engage in conversation and action around character (strengths like empathy, self-control, grit, gratitude, creativity, and leadership). This past year was the fifth annual (September 26, 2018), and there were over 200,000 groups participating — that’s 15,000 schools and over 4 million people.

Our sixth annual Character Day (Sept 27-28) will explore the relationship between character and technology. How can technology enhance our character? What does it diminish? Can turning off technology on a regular basis strengthen our character? We’ll be addressing these questions in a new 2-day model. The first day will leverage the power of technology to have events around the globe all linked together. The second day will be a day to put the devices away and focus on connection, creativity, gratitude, family, friends, and getting outside.

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Character Day Partners

An enormous thank you to the amazing partners who help expand this initiative and cultivate character around the globe!