The Science of Character (8 mins) explores the neuroscience and social science that proves that we can shape who we are, and who we want to be. The film premiered globally on Character Day 2014 (March 20). Millions of people participated in the day, with screenings in over 1500 schools and organizations, a 24-hour online Q&A, and online discussion materials to catalyze deeper conversations about character development.

Character Day 2015 is set for September 18. Nearly 4000 events are planned around the world. Find out more and join us!

Discussion Guides, Resources, and Q&A: 


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Customized films:

  • If we made a customized film for you for last year's Character Day, you can find it here.
  • If you'd like to have a customized film made for your school or organization, find out more here.

This film was inspired by the work of: 

Martin Seligman, Christopher Peterson, Carol Dweck, Angela Duckworth, David Levin, Paul Tough, Dominic Randolph, Neal Mayerson, Adele Diamond, Clifford Nass, The Bezos Family Foundation, The Character Lab, The VIA Institute on Character, Common Sense Media, and many more. 

Partners for last year's Character Day:

Thank you to the 1500+ schools and organizations who participated.

And to our amazing sponsors and partners:


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Do you have a film, app, blog, website, game, or book geared toward our audience? Will your company commit to mobilizing your community to participate in Character Day in tangible ways? If you just said yes twice, we’d love to partner with you! Please send an email detailing how you think we could partner with your company, including how you could promote Let it Ripple’s work, to

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