Stories from the Street

As we gear up for this year’s 50/50 Day, we want to make sure the voices and stories of those working to achieve 50/50 all year long are heard and most importantly, amplified. This year we are asking you – our partners and our friends –  to tell us the stories answering any or all of these questions:

  • What’s something you’ve seen work in your community or company in terms of gender equality?
  • What single thing would you change to achieve gender equality?

  • What excites you most about the future of this issue?

How To Participate:

  • Script Your Story: Think about the things – big or small – that you have done to help achieve gender equality this year. Write it down and be ready to talk it up.  
  • Film a Video: Once you’ve got your story down, we’d like you to film a short :30 – :60 second social friendly video recounting your experiences in the past year. You can tell your story on your own or even bring in someone who was a significant part of it to interview for your video.
  • Send It To Us: Once you have your video, please send it to (After you post your video, we will repurpose it on Let It Ripple channels).
  • Post It: Make sure to tag it with the hashtag #Gettingto5050. Put your video up on all of your favorite channels.