Add CHARACTER DAY 2015 to your calendar!

September 18, 2015 will be our second annual international Character Day


Sign-up your school or nonprofit organization today for reminders and materials.



 For those that participated last year, we'd love your feedback. Your input will help us make this year even bigger and better!


Short films that explore our adventures in Cloud Filmmaking:

Starting with a hilarious story about Tiffany when she was 18 and out of her element, this episode from season 2 of our Emmy-nominated hit show, The Future Starts Here, explores her recent journeys with the US State Department and how everyone can participate in what she calls “punk rock diplomacy.”


Episode 5, season 1 of The Future Starts Here, goes behind-the-scenes into our collaborative filmmaking experiment “Cloud Filmmaking,” to explore why this era in human history, “the participatory revolution,” will change art and creativity forever.

Watch our newest Cloud Film: FREE SPEECH (2 min)

On October 1, 1964, The Free Speech Movement began. To commemorate the 50th anniversary, we collaborated with UC Berkeley and people all over the world to make a Cloud Film. FREE SPEECH premiered on Oct 1st during the 50th anniversary celebrations at UC Berkeley. #fsm50

Watch our Sundance feature doc that inspired this series...

Available on all digital platforms or download and rent above.